Nicki Christensen

DOB 1976

Based in Brisbane, Australia


Who is Nicki Christensen?

Nicki’s areas of expertise are business & helping others see their true value. He is a podcast host of Business Bits and radio host of the show Business 101 on 101FM. 

I am a creation of business. I have done, not read. I have worked & refined, sought out what those more successful than me are doing right now & battled it out on the business street to win customers, solve structural business issue and innovate my businesses to be future proof.

I speak from having strategised, implemented & acted. I also learn from other business giants on how they do things & what they do. Hacking/modelling is most efficient (not copying. There’s a vast difference).

I am an ideas M.A.NIdeas are just dreams without Massive Action Now.

 If you want a self-made business owner millionaire – that’s me.

Key areas of excellence:

  • Speaking: As a company Leader I’m used to speaking to team members, industry groups and entrepreneur conventions. I’m comfortable speaking in a workshop or on-stage platform pitching, or any other setting.
  • Business Strategy: I have a unique ability to understand the perceived connections in a business. After immersion my subconscious starts firing & it becomes an ideas storm.
  • Business Owner Strategy: Assisting business owners is easy for me as I am one also. If you are looking for a person to get into the business DNA with you to first understand it and then to offer strategic solutions in the areas you are needing.
  • Corporates: I have worked for a huge national company Aussie Home Loans & I understand the corporate hierarchy & culture. I am excellent at bringing the entrepreneur business owner thinking into a corporate environment as I did as a contractor for AHL to build internal mini businesses that will be the key to future success.

Corporates are in trouble. The hierarchy structure that has worked for the past 100 years will not work into the coming 20 years. It’s agile, nimble businesses that will win. Corporates can achieve this by segmenting their business units but that means they need someone like me to go in and work with departments to get them set up like standalone businesses within the group. Challenging, it is part of change management.  

Business Achievements:

  • I ran my first start up as a spruiker at my local weekend market helping vendors sell their goods. Seeing the money vendors made I moved from promoting others goods (age 8) to brokerage of goods by age 11, when I expanded to running roadside fruit & vegetable shops with weekly revenues of $700 for 5 hours work, employing my friends as cheap paid labour.
  • After high school I graduated from Hotel Management with an AD in Hospitality where I went out & undertook start-ups in: Finance – After Aussie Home Loans I started Everything Finance & Home Loans. Flower retailing – Everything Flowers, Fresh Flowers Direct Flower wholesaling – Flowers on Demand, Christensen Flowers.
  • As a tech nerd I invested in a tech start-up (13TEXT) which failed as timing saw apps leapfrog the click to call technology.
  • Established an interstate branch of the flower auction business in Melbourne which failed due to being too early in the perishables tech space. (2001).
  • Currently owns Australia’s only online flower market – digital online b2b marketplace $5m.
  • I also own brands such as &
  • Group marketing brand was created after I saw a need in the market for shop keepers to compete online.

Failures provided the ultimate learning experiences & journey through both successes & failures have positioned me to take control of my family perishables company and to oversee the creation & implementation of strategies that doubled revenues to $7.2M in 2016. As of 2018 the perishables market revenues were down by 15% industry wide & I used this to launch a new business, giving the core business a new vertical, consumer direct sales.

Business Awards won:

  • Australian Business Industry Awards: Best Value Provider Winner in 2008
  • Westpac 200 Business of Tomorrow Awards: Winner Top 200 in 2018