Nicki Christensen

Flower Podcast

Version 1 is better than Version None. My first podcast unedited to hopefully inspire you too to take action.

Meet Matthew Landers. A Western Australian powerhouse in Business & Floral Design. Although if you assume that you know anything about him just from reading the word Florist, you would be incorrect. ML has built a Global Brand. It has been no accident that he is now in demand all over the world & consider one of the best in the Top 8 Globally. In this candid & open chat Matthew sits down with Nicki Christensen to discuss what it takes to sustain the global brand & shares with you how he has been able to achieve so much in so little time. ML is a charming, down to earth realist who has incredible integrity and a person who values family over profits. Keep an eye on this rising Australian Business Star as it is only just rising on the Global Stage.


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