So often we can be paralyzed by fear. Becoming stuck at the weight of a decision and not wanting to “make a bad decision”.

This type of slowing down of our thought processes is really counter productive and it should not be allowed to be your default go to setting in your business brain. The secret to enabling yourself to make decisions and keep moving, is as easy as reciting my favourite saying:-

“Version One is better than Version None”.

A great example of V1>V0 thinking , is this. Think of a pilot.

When a Pilot makes his flight plan, he does so based on assumptions. Starting point, End point. Emergency landing sites in case things go wrong etc. He covers the main points, but then knows that all the incidental decisions will be made on the way.

The pilot does not try to forecast and pre-empt the weather for the entire route, rather he takes the current weather report available at the time as an input and then just continues on his planning. The pilot knows, that he will need to adjust in real time for weather events, so there is no need to sit and try and work out every possibility; therefor meaning he is not stuck.

The flight plan that the pilot has on take off, is Version One. The plan that he ends up executing by the time you land at your destination, is probably Version Eight or Nine.

Another example of V1 thinking is me, preparing for my biggest Talk to date in Johannesburg, South Africa. It’s the first time I’m on a big stage presenting to a crowd as big as 1,500 people. When I was writing my talk, I didn’t anguish over every part of the talk. I simply just made a plan of what I could give to the audience via the telling of a couple of great stories that had happened to me.

I realize that Version One of the talk would be no where near the robustness of the Version Thirty that I have today (I present this talk tomorrow).

I am also using the V1 thinking about my actual physical presentation of the talk. There are key mechanics in a good talk that I am trying to implement & reach. Will I achieve all of them? No. Its my first time. But as long as a Suck Less next time, then the newer version will be better & I can just keep on moving.

If you keep moving you will achieve momentum. If you fall out of momentum, then you are dead in the water.