Nicki christensen

Nickis super power is the ability to identify assumed connections instantly

Version one is better
than version none

Business owners often get "stuck"

Procrastination due to the unknown & our desire to execute perfectly!

The theory of version 1 > version none is a critical foundation for descision making.


You probably haven’t had the luxury of attending university & studying business, right?

Business owners need strategy combined with processes & theories that have been tested & can be implemented quickly.

Going to business conferences & listening to speakers is motivating, but unless you can leave with tools and start to implement processes the very next day, chances are you aren’t going to to take any action and your notebook will stay closed. You’ve got good intentions but life gets in the way.

Are you craving more control in your business but unsure how to get it? Would you like to squeeze extra profit out of your business? What about more control over it & the time you spend in it?

LIVE sessions with me are the way you can achieve these things. Broken down into 2 & 3 day Business Owners Strategy Sessions so that you can immediately go back and implement what you’ve learnt, meaning you are making more money, have more control & are dictating time on your terms quicker!



Business Bits by Nicki Christensen

Nicki is a business consultant, speaker, company leader, click funnel loving, Infusionsoft using entrepreneur that wants to speed up your success to save you the time and money it costs to do things the wrong way. He shares both the things that he’s succeeded using and more importantly failed doing to get you in the ‘win zone’ more often than the ‘grim zone’.
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