Nicki Christensen

DOB 1976

Based in Brisbane, Australia


Business Bits


Nicki also has special guests from the business world sharing their insight, wins and losses with gold level advice from people who are doing not just hypothesising.

Nicki is a business advisor, international business speaker and also owner of Australia’s largest B2B online marketplace for fresh flowers, plants and floral sundries which makes him an expert in online marketplaces, automation, logistics and pick/pack.

Business 101


Business 101 Show Podcast is edited from the weekly radio show broadcast live at 6pm Monday nights on community radio in Logan City, Qld, Australia. Logan 101.1FM

Music (copyright issues) time calls and weather (irrelevant) have been removed in this version but most other elements are left intact.



Specifically for flower people around the world. This podcast is recorded by Nicki Christensen aka Coach Nicki, creator of FLOWERHUB in Brisbane, Australia.

A 4th generation flower person Nicki understands the daily challenges of running and building a flower wholesale business. He pivoted his original core business, Australia’s only Flower Auction and turned it into a Australia’s biggest online flower market called FLOWERHUB.