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Business 101

Episode 2: Leadership & Teams

Version 1 is better than Version None. My first podcast unedited to hopefully inspire you too to take action.

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Hosted by Coach Nicki & assisted by Malcolm West.

Week2: Version 2 of our Business 101 Show. This week we focus on Leadership & Teams.
(Only the songs, weather and time calls have been edited out the rest is left as is.)

Key time points if you want to forward through:-
05:15 Interview: Alex Milosovic from Extraction Artisan Coffee – Shares why he got into coffee, what he found & why community is everything.
11:30 Live Show ERROR. It’s a live example of Version 1 is better than Version None & just role with it.
12:30 Doors Concept. Go through 1,2,3 to get to 4
14:00 This is why you struggle
15:30 #1 thing in Customer WoW
15:44 How to make staff come to you
17:55 How to network. Its as easy as WHO WHAT WHY
18:33 Secret to Speaking.
22:53 Nickiism “Confused Minds Don’t Buy”
24:21 Don’t do this if your are a Real Estate Agent
25:18 Need my horse scanned
25:56 Conviction must outweigh their Doubt
29:25 Bendigo Bank Good Job Shout Out
30:14 Coaches Corner – Be the Leader. Team is based on Values & Purpose.
“Act like you Belong, not Fake it till you Make it”
32:16 nicki 2011 Flood story
34:46 Leaders are Good at Listening like TOYOTA
36:07 2 Fundamentals of building a Great team – Purpose & Values





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