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Episode 10: The ONE thing that will make you a success

Episode 10: Monday 12th October. This week Coach nicki contests that we have 80 good years ahead of us in business. There’s a Budget summary and on Coaching Corner the big one this week we break down the only ONE thing you need to be a success. There are 2 nicki isms The universe loves you & Don’t unpack and Live there.(Only the songs, weather and time calls have been edited out the rest is left as is.)

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Here are the segments:-  
10.0 Intro & Welcome
10.1 Proof we’ve got 80 Good Years Ahead
10.11 Logan Chamber AGM
10.12 Beenleigh Yatala Chamber Announcement
10.13 Your Mind – Qld Govt
10.14 Sponsors Ads
10.15 Coaches Cnr – The ONE thing that will make you successful
10.16 Budget Summary & Weekly news worth hearing
10.17 Sponsor FLOWERHUB
10.18 Sponsors Ads
10.19 The Social Dilemma on Netflix a must watch
10.20 Nickiism 1 The Universe loves You
10.21 Nickiism 2 It’s fine, just Don’t unpack & live there
10.23 Lexpo Business Expo Nov 13th Meadowbrook Golf Complex
10.24 Community radio is HUGE & Show Close



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