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Business 101

Episode 9: The Power of ASK & Money comes Frequently & Easily.

Version 1 is better than Version None. My first podcast unedited to hopefully inspire you too to take action.

Episode 9: Monday 5th October. This week we focus on Marketing, working out the cost of a Lead. Coaching Corner is on the ASK campaign and the nicki ism is Money comes Frequently and Easily.(Only the songs, weather and time calls have been edited out the rest is left as is.)

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If you want to skip ahead here are the segments:-

9.0 Show Intro & Disclaimer
9.1 Sponsor – FLOWERHUB
9.2 Queens Birthday Fun Facts
9.3 Show Contact Details
9.4 Chamber of Commerce Info
9.5 Aratula Hotel Interview with Georgie – Publican
9.6 Station Sponsors
9.7 Show Contact Details & POTUS tweet Joking
9.8 News that Grabbed my attention this week
9.9 Substation 33 E Waste Social Enterprise
9.91 Coaches Cnr: Ask Campaign
9.92 Station Sponsors
9.93 nicki ism – Money comes Frequently & Easily
9.94 Marketing – how to work out what a lead and a customer costs
9.95 Show Wrap Up



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