Nicki Christensen

Flower Podcast

Version 1 is better than Version None. My first podcast unedited to hopefully inspire you too to take action.

The March 1 Import Conditions change has caused massive inconvenience & supply timing difficulties for the Australian Companies that rely on Imported products to supply their customers. Does selling imported products make you more Un-Australian? Is this policy change just Protectionism by Government? Does anyone really care where things are grown or produced? This podcast covers some of the emotive topics that go into making up this debate. Growers always claim that they can’t compete with the overseas labour costs but they don’t reflect that it actually costs $5USD a kilo get a product landing into this country, so any perceived benefit of labour cost is dramtically lowered by transport costs to get the products to our Island. nick christensen is a proud Australian but he takes on the argument & the position that Imported products are needed and are good for the industry. A not to miss podcast that is sure to get your thoughts racing and your blood pumping.




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