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Version 1 is better than Version None. My first podcast unedited to hopefully inspire you too to take action.

3rd & Final part to this series with Matthew Landers. Matthew Landers is a Genius in the Creative Retail space & he shares with us exactly how he would go about building a brand, if he had to start out today. Including the top 3 things you can start doing right now to get onto a faster road to success. Matthew shares tips on how he keeps a healthy relationship as well building his empire & it all revolves around 1pm. (listen out for that tip). “You need downtime to be productive in your Up-time”. Sustainable growth is the key. Fast Goals don’t seem to have the lasting outcomes so ML paces himself for the long game. Learn how he beat his own business plan goal by 2 years to hit the $2M revenue mark. Always open and sharing in nature it was a pleasure to be able to sit down with such an industry titan to explore what makes him tick, why is it he is so successful and how can others emulate this same path. The thing I love about Matthew Landers is that he is an advocate for the Florists and the Floristry industry. Matthew wants ALL florists to be brand builders and to have the levels of success that he has worked so hard for, too. The beauty of what Matthew shares is that it doesn’t matter if you aren’t in flowers, this podcast is for any business owner wanting to increase their business reach & brand value.




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